Brand New Trinity Vector 1200 Available Now





Custom Build by APS of Chandler AZ.

Trinity Composites V-Drive Vector Hull & Hood / Blowsion Tubbie Destroyers are Bonded to Hull  / Tri-Color House of Colors Custom Paint / Bottom Surface Speed Coated / RPP Handle Pole & Billet Bracket with Dual Air Intake Down Tubes / RRP Force Handle Pad with Air Intake Ducts / ADA Sealed Bearing Steering System with 1 1/8″ Faty RRP Straight Bars / UMI Billet Levers / Blowsion H.D. Steering Cable / ODI Lock On Grips / Jettrim Match Colored Custom Tray Mat with Rear Wedge Corners and Ergo Large Front Hump / SOLAS 12 Vein Jet Pump with Drop Nozzle / Skat-Trak Extended Drive Shaft / Skat-Trak Pump Shoe / Skat-Trak Intake Grate / Judge Motor Sports Rear Exhaust Muffler / Judge Motor Sports E-Box Tank Mount / ADA Racing Billet Girdled Head Kit / Kawasaki Triple 1200 cc Motor Ported Cylinders & Cases with Matched Ported Intake and Exhaust Manifolds 160 H.P  / 42mm Sudco Carbs / Hot Products 2 1/2″ Tornado Flame Arrestors.

Please Call if you have any Questions