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Pro Watercraft Performance HFC Front Sponsons


  • What’s the difference between the HFC and fiberglass sponsons you offer?
    Our HFC front sponsons are more cost-effective and are more durable compared to the fiberglass. Style and performance has not changed so you know you are guaranteed reliability. These sponsons will fit just about any ski too while the fiberglass are preformed to a specific ski.
  • Do the PWR sponsons make the difference?
    Yes, these are not another copy of someone’s design. This product was made by the Pros that demanded more stability and grip. We have seen this same design helps all rider levels to evolve their style and performance.
  • Is it hard to remove my old sponsons?
    No. Most current sponsons screw from the outside and you will need to remove the screws to pry them off. Remember to clean the surface before installing this product. Simple, you can do it and it’s well worth your efforts.
  • Should I have a professional mechanic in stall this product?
    We always suggest, if you do not feel comfortable installing our products, then take it to someone you trust. We hope by watching our install video, you can feel the confidence our other customers have when installing their new PWR sponsons
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Our Hybrid Flex Composite (HFC) Front Sponsons bring functionality with cost effectiveness. These Performance Sponsons offer improved turning grip, better stability in a straight line and very important improved stability when leaning over in a turn. These HFC sponsons are tough and durable and comes with a flat black finish to grip the water better than the competition. The kit includes 8 stainless steel screws for each side and a tube of silicone to attach it to the outside. This process has proven to be the easiest and most effective way to install front sponsons. Race proven, designed by the pros, built to evolve your style

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 8 × 8 in
Pro Watercraft Performance HFC Front Sponsons - Action Power Sports